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Overcome the adversities

Altri is present in several regions throughout the country, from the coast to the very deepest hinterland. And it will continue to be so. Our business contributes towards managing and planning the forest and supporting communities. We know that without high-quality raw material, there can be no outstanding performance. This is a constant concern in all of Altri’s locations: taking care of the forest and complying with best environmental practices.

We also do our bit to fight forest fires, both on our own woodland and on land owned by other parties, through Afocelca’s work in investing several million euros every year. Our concern also extends to all those who work in the different companies under the Altri umbrella. We aim to provide stability and good career prospects. Altri’s success is shared by all. We know that our workers have superb human qualities and unparalleled professionalism. Thanks to this commitment, we have been able to overcome all the obstacles with which we have been faced recently.

With our second edition of Altri News, we have really raised the bar. This edition has more content, and is more evenly devoted to topics relating to our work and business, whilst simultaneously focusing on the many initiatives and help we provide for the communities we are part of. We hope you enjoy it. Happy reading.